Drain Lining

Quick and easy solution for eroded or damaged pipes, with no digging!

Drain Lining


You don't need to pay for expensive excavation. No-dig drain re-lining is the simple solution!

Drain Lining, Re-lining - Birmingham, Dudley, Kidderminster, Worcester, Redditch

We cover Birmingham and across the West Midlands, including Dudley, West Bromwich, Solihull, Worcester, Kidderminster, Bromsgrove, Redditch, Stourbridge & Halesowen.

Are your pipes damaged and in need or repair? Need a quick and easy solution with no excavation?

At Ace Environmental Services we can provide a comprehensive drain relining service, ensuring your pipes are working efficiently.
View your drain relining options in our repair services video below.

Polyester resin drain relining uses a felt tube made of polyester with all of the air removed. The lining is then saturated with a polyester resin. The tube is then pulled into the damaged pipe. Hot water is then pumped into the tube starting off a curing process, which creates a pipe which is smooth and jointless, corrosion resistant, prevents roots from getting in and water from getting out. The new pipe will also ensure increased flow of water and waste through the pipe. Drain lining is usually carried out from a manhole.

Little to no digging is required in the process, making it a quick and easy solution for eroded or damaged pipes. All work is then checked by a CCTV system. Our robotoc cutting equipment can then be used to re-connect branch drains.

Why opt for drain relining?

  • Little to no excavation needed
  • Cost effective
  • Less disruption in your home
  • Time efficient
  • Reduced need for any trench work

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