High Roof Cleaning

High-Level Roof, Roof Valley, Fascia & Conservatory Cleaning

High Roof Cleaning


Specialist High-Level Exterior Cleaning of Roofs & Conservatories

High-Roof, Roof Valley, Fascia & Conservatory Cleaning - Birmingham

Ace Environmental have taken their combined experience of Gutter Cleaning and high-pressure water cleaning to provide a fast and cost-effective service high level cleaning service.

We cover Birmingham and across the West Midlands, including Dudley, West Bromwich, Solihull, Worcester, Kidderminster, Bromsgrove, Redditch, Stourbridge & Halesowen.

  • Clean all roofs comprising slate, tiled, polycarbonate and glass panels.
  • Clean fascias.
  • Clear inaccessible roof gullies and valleys.
  • Clear guttering and downpipes.

Many high-level cleaning tasks can be performed safely and fast from the ground however our staff are also trained in the safe use of ladders, cherry pickers etc to take on the most inaccessible cleaning jobs.

Roof and valley cleaning becomes more critical when the weather gets colder because if rotted leaves or moss becomes frozen in the winter it can cause dams of ice or ‘frost heave’. These can cause considerable damage to your tiles as well as the problems of extra weight. Organic material can feed algae, mould and moss that can eat away at your roof.

Conservatory Roof & Fascias Cleaning on Domestic Homes

Our skills, equipment and approach can also clean your difficult to access roofs, gullies and fascias. Our example, below, could be on a standard conservatory extension, a covered enclosed yard on a pub or at the top of an office block.

Conservatory Roof Cleaning - before and after photo
Conservatory Roof Cleaning – before and after photo

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